At Connetik Interactive, we strive to be more than a digital marketing company. With 23 years of experience, and an individual approach, we are deeply rooted, well established, and our goal is to be your expert marketing team.

Our knowledge of the ever changing modern technologies teamed with our initiative based marketing helps to make sure that your needs are met in the most efficient way possible using all and any available tools.

Individual Approach

One size absolutely does not fit all, and with that thought in mind, we work with your specific needs to meet your business goals.

Modern Technologies

We love technology. We love learning about it, and we love using it – especially when it helps you. We’ll strive to find the best technology based on your goals.

Initiative Based Marketing

We help you build your own package based on what you want to achieve. Really. Our initiative based marketing program works with your goals in mind, and builds a package of services to get you where you want to be.
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Our brand services package that will meet all your digital marketing needs!

Your website is the face of your brand – it is essential that it be integrated into the growth of your big-picture marketing goals. But the Encompass Program isn’t only about managing your website, it focuses on your marketing goals for your overall digital presence, featuring professional:

Content Writing

Clear messages build strong relationships. Professionally written content delivers your message and helps people connect with it.

Video Marketing

Professional quality video content engages and educates your audience, and is one of the most valuable marketing platforms.

Online Advertising

The billboard of the future (and the ‘now’). Make sure your name is seen and heard with targeted campaigns on key platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Connect with your following on a personal level. Social Media can help foster incredibly meaningful client-business relationships.

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Reinventing Ourselves 24 Years Running

Connetik has been changing the world of websites since January 2000. Over the past 24 years, our full time team of Internet Strategists, Internet Marketers, Programmers, Graphic/Creative Designers, Content Writers and Project Managers have taken on the challenges of various companies, putting our brains and talents together to find the right solutions.

Along with our founder, we believe that “any goal is achievable if you just break it down into small enough pieces.” You have a goal for your business and we want to be one of the pieces that makes it not only achievable, but also successful.

We live in a digital age; a time where everything changes in the blink of an eye. Keeping up with those changes and implementing them is our job – leaving you free to do yours.

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