Connetik Paid Advertising Packages

Connetik offers strategically developed Paid Advertising Packages that will market your products and services on a more competitive level.

The Paid Advertising Packages cover the setup and management Paid Advertising Campaigns with Paid Advertising Groups like Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook and other social media platforms.

These packages are an extension to a Connetik Insite Program Plan.

Your Paid Advertising Package

Your business industry and type of product or service will determine which of the Paid Advertising Groups will be targeted for Paid Advertising.

The first step in developing your Paid Advertising is to define what your goal is. It could be for profit, awareness or informative/educational. Each of these types of goals require different use and combination of the Paid Advertising Groups.

Once Connetik has developed a full strategically laid out Paid Advertising Infrastructure then we will know exactly what Paid Advertising Package you fall into.

These Paid Advertising Packages are priced for monthly payment plans that reflect the work required for both the setup of the Paid Advertising Campaigns but also for their yearly management costs. These packages are added to your total monthly cost which includes your Monthly Insite Plan cost.

Paid Advertising

Monthly Cost: $100 – $200.
One Search Campaign with Google Adwords, Facebook or one of the other groups.

Paid Advertising

Monthly Cost: $300 – $500.
Two to Four Campaign Types with all of the Paid Advertising Groups and with a single campaign for each.

Paid Advertising

Monthly Cost: $500+.
Multiple campaigns in every Paid Advertising Group with all possible Paid Advertising Types. 

Your Paid Advertising Budget will be developed once the Paid Advertising Groups have been decided upon and the campaign and adgroups have been planned out.

Our Paid Advertising Specialist will prepare a plan for Complete Package Setup with the entire Paid Advertising Structure documented for easy explanation and to show that the Paid Advertising Structure was designed with ROI in mind.

In a nutshell, throwing lots of money at a Paid Advertising campaign does not guarantee fulfillment of goals and ROI on money invested in the campaign.

Strategically designed Paid Advertising Structures will make your monthly spend strategic and cost effective and the return on goals increased.

The monthly budget of your campaigns is what the Paid Advertising Platforms use to pay for clicks or impressions of an ad. Keeping your CPC (Cost Per Click) low assists in keeping the cost per goal lol which is where your ROI is defined.

Our client portfolio of Paid Advertising Packages for our clients have clients running monthly budgets of $200 to $2000. Your monthly budget should reflect how many goals you want to achieve that month and how much your goals cost to produce.

There are a handful of Paid Advertising Groups which Connetik specializes in and are certified by the Paid Advertising Groups to assist businesses with their Paid Advertising Infrastructure.

Each of these Paid Advertising Groups serve a specific portion of the internet so they in many ways can compliment each other and ensure you are showing your ads to clients regardless they are searching for something or checking their messages on Facebook.

Paid Advertising Group Networks

Google Adwords – Adwords is the largest of all of the potential networks that can be accessed with Paid Advertising. Its network includes, Google Search, Youtube, Google Shopping, Partnered Google Sites, Mobile Apps and Google MyBusiness. Google Adwords is the group that Connetik focuses a majority of a monthly budget because of it high success rate and potential return for our clients.


Bing – Bing is similar to Google Adwords in that it also has multiple networks but it is not asa extensive as Google nor does it have the market share for use like Google does. It does have some market share so should not be discounted because of Google.


Facebook – Social media Paid Advertising is different from Search or Browse oriented Paid Advertising because people are on social media to connect with friends and post content and not immediately needing something. Social Media Campaigns can sometimes be better that Search or Browse campaigns because your goal may be for Awareness and social media is a great medium for spreading the word of your Awareness Campaign.

Other Social Media Paid Advertising Groups – Connetik can research other Social Media Paid Advertising Groups if we believe that these will complement our Paid Advertising Strategy.

Adwords has multiple networks in which it can advertise on and each of them can serve different purposes for a business.

They also each require a specific type of bid type will be selected to achieve the goals specific to a network.

For example: For Search based advertising on the Google Search Network we generally use PPC (Pay Per Click) bidding instead of PCM (Pay Per Thousand Impressions) bidding because they achieve two different Goals.


Campaign and Bid Types:


Search – Search campaigns cover people actively search Google Search for a product or service that you may offer. These campaign types are considered Action or Goal oriented campaigns. CPC (Cost Per Click) Bidding is used for these Campaign Types.

Display – Display campaigns are used specifically for branding and are not geared towards generating profitable goals but are for exposure of product services and promos/specials. Monthly and Yearly ads are developed for these Campaign Types. CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) Bidding is used for this Campaign Type.

Video – Video Campaigns are mainly used for branding purposes and offer one of the most cost effective solutions for advertisers. Campaign bid types are setup as CPV (Cost Per View) which means that you video ad will play until someone has clicked to cancel it and if they watch more than 30 seconds then you are charged for that view but if the person cancels before the 30 seconds you do not but in that time you have a chance to show your brand and Call To Action.

Shopping – The Shopping Campaigns are similar to Search Campaigns because it access a network where people are actively searching for a product you may sell. These are also a Goal Oriented Campaign Type and CPC Bidding is what would be used for these campaign types.

Mobile – Mobile Campaign Types Target the Mobile Site and Mobile App Network and can be both Search/CPC and Display/CPM Campaign Types.

Remarketing – Remarketing Campaigns cover people who have previously visited your website and show ads to remind people that they were/are interested in your products and services. This can be setup to cover both CPC Bidding and CPM BIdding depending on the goals a business wants to achieve.

Connetik Currently has two Google Adwords Certified individuals that allow us to become a Certified Google Partnered Advertising Agency.

Being a Google Certified Partner allows us access to Google Paid Advertising management specialists and consultants which can assist us in Adwords Campaign setup and management.

This gives Connetik an advantage to Non-Google Partnered Advertising agencies because we get access to Google Advertising Metrics fine tuned for the industry and goal type from our Paid Advertising clients.

Connetik is also reviewed on a quarterly basis by our Google Partner Reps and recommendations are provided to assist all of Connetik’s client Google Advertising Infrastructures and to determine whether Connetik is being successful in the setup of our clients Adwords Campaigns and in the monthly management.

This type of due diligence on Google’s part ensures that your business is getting the best Paid Advertising possible at all times from Google.

Connetik Google Certifications

  • Google Fundamentals Certification – We currently have two Connectik Staff with this certification. It is a requirement of being eligible to be a Google Partner. One other Google Certification in either Shopping, Video or Mobile is required by a single staff member on top of the Google Fundamentals Certification to achieve a full Google Partner.
  • Google Video Certification – Our Google Paid Advertising Manager is certified in this Campaign Type.
  • Google Shopping Certification – Our Google Paid Advertising Manager is certified in this Campaign Type.
  • Google Mobile Certification – Connetik has one staff member who specializes in this Campaign Type.

Having these Google Certifications allows Connetik to cover all aspects of the entire Google Network Infrastructure.


Google Analytics and Digital Sales Certifications

Two important aspects of Connetik’s service offering is the development of strategically designed marketing solutions and and monitoring for management purposes on setup.

The Digital Sales Certification shows that Connetik specializes in strategically designed marketing solutions and the Google Analytics Certification ensures that our staff are all trained to use Google Analytics to pull the best and most needed metrics for establishing success or failure of aspects of our marketing solution.


Certification Requirements

Connetik is required to renew all Adwords certifications every year to ensure that we are always up to date with new tools, reporting methods, and new Adwords Opportunities.

It is also a requirement to maintain our Google Partnership.

Google Analytics and Digital Sales certifications only need to be renewed every year and a half and are not required for obtaining Google Partner Status.

All Connetik staff are capable of working with Google Adwords Paid Advertising and Google Analytics.

Got Questions or Want To Get Started?

There is a lot to digest when it comes to Paid Online Advertising and it is perfectly understandable if you have questions regarding whether or not Paid Advertising is a solution for your business.

Fill out the form below with any questions you may have or simply send us a request to be contacted by a Connetik Paid Advertising Specialist to discuss getting started in Paid Advertising today.