Remarketing and Retargeting with Google AdWords

Use Google AdWords Remarketing to reach past website visitors

Remarketing lets you show ads to people who have visited your website before.

When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads as they browse the web, as they use mobile apps, or as they search on Google.

Your ads will be displayed to your past visitors as they browse Display Network websites and use Display Network apps.


Remarketing & Retargeting with Google AdWords and the Google Display Network

Reasons to Use the Remarketing Feature

Whether you’re looking to drive sales activity, increase registrations, or promote awareness of your brand, remarketing can be a strategic component of your advertising. It can drive return on investment (ROI) for all types of advertisers.

  • Achieve even higher conversions by combining targeting methods, such as interest categories, demographics, or keyword campaigns. For example, if you wanted to expand the reach of your fashion brand, you could target only women between the ages of 18-24 who have not yet visited your site, and present them with an offer that is tailored to them.
  • Reach people when they’re most likely to buy: You have the option to reach people after they’ve visited your website. ¬†AdWords remarketing provides timely touch points to drive your customers to your website when they’re most engaged.
  • Large-scale reach: You can reach people on your remarketing lists as they use Google search and browse over 2 million websites and mobile apps that are part of the Google Display Network.
  • Produce multiple text, image, and video ads with Ad gallery. With dynamic remarketing campaigns you can create dynamic ads which pair your feed with Ad gallery layouts, scaling beautiful ads across your entire set of products or services.

The Google AdWords Remarketing features work on the Google Display Network, combining the potential to reach many visitors on hundreds, even thousands of websites across the internet; anywhere a Google Ad can be shown, with the power of remarketing, we can help show your ad there if the visitor has visited your website or has visited websites that are similar to your products and services (e.g., swimming pools, business coaching, used cars, honda, ford, etc.).


Getting Started

The first step to remarketing, is to analyze your data and develop a strategy of who you would like to target and when.

There are several ways to target audiences:

  • Visitors who visited a specific page on your website.
  • Visitors who have completed a form on your website.
  • Targeting more general audience, by showing visitors your ads even on other websites they visit.
  • Targeting visitors within a specific demographic (e.g, 15 – 24, Male, etc.) as well as geographically.

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