Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services:

Managed Facebook Marketing Solutions (Pay Per Click)

We offer managed Facebook Marketing solutions, taking care of the technical complications and focusing on the marketing goals.  From setting up the campaign to providing reports, we take care of it for you.  Some of the main areas our managed services includes:

  • Helping you determine your marketing goals and providing recommendations on your marketing strategy.
  • Selecting the type of campaigns that will best meet your needs.
  • Creating the ads, text and graphical, and setting up the full campaign from the goal planning to the actual live ads.
  • Managing your budget, to focus more on what is working for you.
  • Setting up tracking to ensure each click and view is accounted for.
  • Providing summary reports (monthly) on the progress of your campaign.

Please contact us for a consultation to see if a Facebook Marketing Solution is the right fit for your business, by completing the form to the right.  Or view more information on types of Facebook Marketing solutions available below.


Increase Online Traffic and Conversions

  • Find your target customers among the 699 million people on Facebook everyday.
  • Drive people to your website with one click from the most engaging place on Facebook.
  • Measure how your ads are performing, and optimize them for even higher returns.

Facebook Ads

Drive Local Sales

  • Find people near your business with accurate targeting.
  • Increase foot traffic with ads that bring new customers into your store.
  • Drive sales and build loyalty by connecting regularly with customers.


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