InSite Managed Marketing Program:

The InSite Program’s main objective is to continually make  sure your website and internet marketing activities are winning you more customers and to ensure that your business is reaching all of your marketing goals and objectives.

The InSite Express program was created to provide a “turn key” managed internet marketing solution for small to medium sized businesses and organizations who are serious about taking advantage of digital marketing.

In today’s day and age, there are multiple aspects of online marketing (websites, social media, email, web advertisements, Pay Per Click, etc.) –  all requiring consideration, strategy, and management in order to achieve the results companies are looking for. All these tools and activities should be strategically interconnected and work together as a whole to create a complete digital marketing program.

ALWAYS start with a plan!

  • Live strategy consult meeting with an expert Internet Marketing Specialist
  • Discuss and develop goals/objectives for your marketing and how each one will be tracked
  • Define your company’s Unique Value Proposition (develop compelling reasons why clients choose you)
  • Better understand the what and why behind your marketing activities
  • Creation of a Digital Marketing Strategy Report for reference
  • Click here to learn more about our WebJective Website Strategy Process

A website is a tool – a quality tool makes the job easier!

  • Designed using the latest technology and methods
  • Responsive design: your website will be mobile friendly
  • Lead Generation tools included
  • Social Media integration included
  • Developed using industry best practices (we have over 15 years experience building websites)
  • WordPress Content Management System access so you can update your website whenever you want to

We go “beyond the build” the magic of internet marketing is in the execution!

  • We ensure your website is search engine optimized. What would it mean for your business if your website was listed on the first page of Google for your products and services (not just your business name – that happens by itself)?
  • Make sure social media presence is accurate and performing as per our plan
  • Drive even more traffic to your website via Pay Per Click Marketing (Google AdWords)
  • Accountability: See your return on investment with a monthly report sent to you by your dedicated Internet Marketing Specialist.

For less than the cost of a newspaper ad per month, you have access to all of the services listed below. Oh, and it gets better, NO upfront setup fees!

Mobile Friendly

Mobile internet browsing has been on the rise for quite some time. Over 30% of the visitors to many of the websites we track come from mobile users. All of the websites we design/develop are fully responsive, meaning that the layout of the design changes based on the size of the screen viewing it!

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All our websites are built to be search engine optimized from the ground up –  but this is only half the battle. How do you get your website to rank high for those hard to get keywords that would really bring you more customers? This is where we shine!

Email Marketing

Did you know that you can track how effective your email marketing is? Everything from how many people open your email to how many people click on links. Our Internet Marketing Specialists will help you with everything from selecting your email marketing software, sending out and tracking the success of your campaigns, and helping you improve them!

Analytics / Metrics

What gets tracked, gets managed. We are not just talking about how many visitors your site gets. The number of visits per month is misleading and doesn’t help you make actionable decisions. We make Analytics make sense to our clients so they know they are getting real results!

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Website Design

The website is usually the hub, or central component to many companies’ online marketing activities. It is also one or the most underutilized forms of marketing. With so many options, it’s easy to get lost in details. We make websites easy. We also make them work!

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Social Media

Are you getting the best return on your time/money investment with social media? Many companies “have” some form of social marketing, however, they don’t always have a plan – it’s important to have clear goals, objectives, and accountability to ensure your getting the best return on efforts.

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Measurable Results:

  • In the past 12 months, we have accomplished the following objectives for my website:

    • Increased my overall visitors by 91%
    • Increased search engine traffic by 125%
    • Increased website leads by 16%


    Medical Services – Moncton NB
  • During the last 12 months, we have achieved the follow objectives for our website over our first year results (we started the program 24 months ago):

    • Increased by overall visits by 19%
    • Increased search engine traffic by 16%
    • Increased website leads by 56%
    Law Firm – Ontario
    Legal | Professional Services
  • After working with our InSite Internet Marketing Specialist for the past 15 months, we have accomplished:

    • Increased overall visits by 32%
    • Increased search engine traffic by 36%
    • Increased website leads by 103%
    • Increased our visibility in Google based on target keywords
    • Running a successful AdWords campaign which is currently running at a 8.1% CTR
    Kennel & Pet Grooming – Moncton NB

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